Back To Bedlam-Bedlam Sessions CD+DVD
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Back To Bedlam-Bedlam Sessions CD+DVD

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1. Billy (Live At The BBC)
2. High (Live At The BBC)
3. Wisemen (Live At The BBC)
4. Goodbye My Lover (Live At The BBC)
5. Tears And Rain (Live At The BBC)
6. Out Of My Mind (Live At The BBC)
7. So Long, Jimmy (Live At The BBC)
8. You're Beautiful (Live At The BBC)
9. Cry (Live At The BBC)
10. No Bravery (Live At The BBC)
11. Where Is My Mind? (Live At The BBC)
12. High (Video)
13. High (Making Of Video)
14. Wisemen (Video)
15. Wisemen (Making Of Video)
16. You're Beautiful (Video)
17. You're Beautiful (Making Of Video)
18. High (New Video)
19. High (Making Of New Video)
20. Goodbye My Lover (Video)
21. Goodbye My Lover (Making Of Video)

1. Wisemen (Live In Ireland)
2. High (Live In Ireland)
3. Cry (Live In Ireland)
4. Goodbye My Lover (Live In Ireland)
5. So Long, Jimmy (Live In Ireland)
6. Sugar Coated (Live In Ireland)
7. You're Beautiful (Live In Ireland)
8. Billy (Live In Ireland)
9. Fall At Your Feet (Live In Ireland)
10. Tears And Rain (Live In Ireland)
11. No Bravery (Live In Ireland)
12. Where Is My Mind? (Live In Ireland)