The Afterlove (Signed CD - Extended Version)

The Afterlove (Signed CD - Extended Version)

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Bundle includes:

• Bartender (MP3 Single)

• Make Me Better (MP3 Single)

• Time Of Our Lives (MP3 Single)

• Love Me Better (MP3 Single)

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The Afterlove CD Softpack signed by James Blunt, featuring 3 bonus tracks.

Contains 16 Page Booklet.

Includes instant MP3 download of the new singles "Love Me Better", "Time Of Our Lives", "Make Me Better" and "Bartender".


1. Love Me Better

2. Bartender

3. Lose My Number

4. Don’t Give Me Those Eyes

5. Someone Singing Along

6. California

7. Make Me Better

8. Time Of Our Lives

9. Heartbeat

10. Paradise

11. Courtney’s Song (Bonus Track)

12. 2005 (Bonus Track)

13. Over (Bonus Track)